"Everyone has a form of intelligence that resides within them. Our goal is to encourage our audience to have these conversations." - Josh Baker (Host/Founder)

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   Founded in June of 2021, the podcast Intelligent Conversations was created to build a community that is confident and respectful. We believe that everyone has something intelligent to say if they are willing to listen. Our goal is to encourage not only our guests, but our audience to have Intelligent Conversations. 

From Hoodies to Mugs to T-shirts we offer swag to our biggest supporters. We are constantly designing new concepts and using the latest products. We want to continually offer swag that our biggest fans can be proud of. Shop Now to see what Swag we offer!

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We love having what may seem like everyday people on the show. You have valuable insights, experiences, and more that could be beneficial to others. We publish 52 episodes a season (once a week) and do our best to select great guests. Sign up to be a guest and share your Intelligent thoughts with the world!

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